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From fabric making to fabric finishing, to cutting and to cleaning of the wipes, these operations are conducted in controlled areas with dedicated equipment to prevent cross-contamination

Automated processes; patented laser cutting technologies

Built-in redundancies, even for the ultra-pure water system

Fully imported cleanroom laundry equipment from the EU and the USA

ISO class 4; NEBB certified laundries

Comprehensive testing capabilities per IEST-RP-CC004

TA80039x9;6x6”;4x4 90
TA80059x9;6x64x4 105
TA80069x9;6x6”;4x4 190
TA80079x9;6x64x4 245
TA80099x9;6x6”;4x4 210
TA90069x9;6x64x4 120


Since its inception in November 1997, the focus of Suzhou TA&A Ultra Clean Technology Co., Ltd. has been to provide trusted solutions to the ESD control and critical environment requirements of industry leaders in the high technology manufacturing sectors........


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