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Core Values & Competencies

2017-05-03 16:18:47 tianhua 102
Total solutions provider of ESD control and contamination control for personnel-, processes- and environment-related challenges
Proven track record of 20 years in product development, manufacturing and sales of CE products 
Years of learning from working closely with industry leaders in the HDD, semiconductor and FPD industries, coupled with a strong focus on gaining technical capabilities, TA&A takes a more balanced and complete approach when customizing solutions for customers
Owns close to 41 patents on product designs, materials and manufacturing processes
Key performance parameters of offerings like garments, wipes and ionizers have been verified by MNCs as comparable to industry standards
A firm believer of “One can only control what one can quantify”, the company frequently updates its testing capabilities to be on par with world class quality control centres
Actively participating in working groups to develop and refine industry standards


Since its inception in November 1997, the focus of Suzhou TA&A Ultra Clean Technology Co., Ltd. has been to provide trusted solutions to the ESD control and critical environment requirements of industry leaders in the high technology manufacturing sectors........


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